Juanita's Homemade Flan - How we ship/FAQ's
Juanita's Homemade Flan - Flan...the way it should be!
How We Ship:
We ship your flan frozen. Our specially designed shipping container fully surrounds your flan with a Styrofoam insulation. A special freezer brick is placed under the flan to keep it cold. The outer shipping container is a corrugated box for added strength and protection. Your flan will arrive either partially frozen, or cold and ready to serve!
We SHIP Monday through Thursday, for DELIVERY Tuesday through Saturday. Every flan is shipped via USPS Ground 2 Day Priority Shipping.
If you have questions, please read the FAQ.
If you can't find your answers in the FAQ, please email us:
Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?
Do you ship to Canada or other International destinations?
No. Our perishable flans cannot withstand customs delays.
How does your pricing work? Is shipping included?
Your shipping is calculated at the end of your purchase and is determined by your location.  Our packaging ensures that every flan will arrive in perfect condition. In the event that there is no one home, the USPS will not leave your flan at the door..it will be returned to their facility and a note will be left at your door.  If at all possible please have deliveries sent to an office or some place where someone will be available to accept delivery. 
If I order two flans for the same address can they be sent in one package at less cost?
Unfortunately, no. Each flan has to go into it's own specially designed thermo package. And our shipping charges are based on a particular size and weight.  However, if you order 4 or more, please call for shipping prices as the weight and size of box will change and need to be recalculated.
How many servings can I get from each flan?
A 9 inch flan serves 10-14 depending on how big you cut each slice.
Can I include a greeting card with the flan?
Yes, when you check out there will be a section where you can fill out your message on a special greeting card.
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