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What is Flan?
Did you ever see the movie "Envy" with Jack Black?  Pretty funny scene all about flan... click to watch  
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It's Flan Time! Who wants flan? You dont know flan? - Envy, 2004
DreamWorks SKG - Envy (2004)
Flan is an oven-baked caramel custard desert that is very popular in Puerto Rico, Spain and Mexico among many other Latin countries.  It is made with a top layer of custard paired with the sweetness of a light caramel sauce, which is put in the bottom of the pan underneath it. Both are baked together. When chilled and then inverted to un-mold, the sauce pours over the custard and is served as is. The typical flavoring is simply vanilla, but there are numerous variations. Flan may be prepared in a soufflè dish or in individual ramekins or flan dishes. 
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